Field Day June 22-23

Field Day is coming and everyone is invited to the largest single weekend in amateur radio.

Despite the Internet, cell phones, email and modern communications, every year whole regions find themselves in the dark. Tornadoes, fires, storms, ice and even the occasional cutting of fiber optic cables leave people without the means to communicate. In these cases, the one consistent service that has never failed has been Amateur Radio. These radio operators, often called “hams” provide backup communications for everything from the American Red Cross to FEMA and even for the International Space Station. Pueblo's “hams” will join with thousands of other Amateur Radio operators showing their emergency capabilities during the exercise this weekend.

Field Day 19The Pueblo Amateur Radio Club will be operating from Colorado State University, Pueblo in the parking lot at the North end of Bonforte Blvd. right over the bridge that crosses Highway 47. The excercise runs from Noon on Saturday to Noon on Sunday. New hams and those that are interested in seeing what ham radio is all about are encouraged to attend. There will be a couple of stations set up that anybody is welcome to explore including the PARC comm trailer, or they can bring their own radios. See everyone there!


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PARC Meets the 2nd Monday of the Month, 6:00 @ Pueblo ESC

Meeting times and dates subject to change.


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